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Finding Your Mojo — Your Blogging Mojo


I’m about to find my mojo. My blogging mojo, that is. And it’s mostly thanks to Bryan Allain’s new eBook, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo. This eBook is a gold mine of blogging ideas, inspiration, and even bizarre moments of levity which I read aloud to my sister (who is not the least bit interested in blogging), just for the concerned looks she gave me about this latest book I was “enjoying”. (Really, this is not much different than most of the other books I like to read — our tastes differ slightly.) These golden nuggets and more are designed to help you discover and develop your blogging ability and ingenuity.

I read this book essentially straight through — that is, I read more than one day at a time. I did go through and do as many of the daily mojo activities as I could do at a time. Many were really easy to do, and each was an instant little boost to my blogs and my confidence. Even the ones I couldn’t do immediately were simple and creative, and helped me really think about how I was blogging and what I could be doing to make the experience better, more fun, and interactive.

Some of the concepts and blogging actions were either changes that I have already begun to implement, or ideas I had been toying with but hesitating because didn’t have a clear path forward. Then lo and behold, a clear path was presented! (By the way, more will be posted on that topic in a few hours.) I was even inspired to really think about how the different concepts apply to my new fiction blog, which is very different from the usual nonfiction blog. This little gem of a book was exactly what I needed. Thanks Bryan!

A few topics covered in 31 Days:

  • determining the focus on your blog (and how to tell people what that is)
  • finding content ideas in places you’d never expect (and some places you would)
  • growing your conversation beyond your blog (and growing your blog in the process)
  • choosy beggars, surprising and educational elderly people, and the IQ of birds (seriously — all of these are mentioned).

Check out Bryan’s blog here and his eBook at!