The War of Art


In The War of Art: Break Through the Block and Win Your Inner Creative Battles author Steven Pressfield gives apt descriptions of the general blocks most people face in discovering and performing their creative pursuits, and discussing what it takes to overcome those difficulties and truly achieve the goals to which people aspire.

I really liked this book. The description of the mental and emotional aspects of being creative are truly like a war. I also liked the personification of Resistance; it helps to identify it as something that can actually be dealt with and confronted, instead of a vague notion that is always just beyond grasping.

Logically, I understand the whole “mark of a professional” concept that Mr. Pressfield has. However, that must be my own Resistance factor, because I found it sometimes to be a little daunting in that I struggle to write on any regular basis. At times I felt as though, according to this concept, I could never truly be a writer because I am never consistent with it.

Other than that one fly in the ointment, this book is very calming and encouraging, even in the sometimes off-beat way Mr. Pressfield instructs us to face the problem of Resistance. Once I manage to combine my two issues and face Resistance consistently, I’m sure I will start to see some positive results in my own War of Art.


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